Lecture: "Redox-aktive Systeme in der BioAC"

WS 2017/18, Monday 2 pm (ct), small lecture hall, alternating with the "Lieseberg-Kolloquium"

PPT-slides used in the lecture (pdf's in zip-compressed file)

Oral Exam (link to doodle)


PPT-Slides: Repetitorium "Ionische Festkörper" (3rd May 18, pdf in zip-compressed file)

PPT-slides: Repetitorium "Redoxprozesse und Elektrochemie" (17th May 18, pdf in zip-compressed file)

Lab Courses MC2 and ACF

Please use moodle to enlist for the MC2 lab course:


Guideline for the course are found on moodle as well.


A short introduction regarding the usage of NMR spectrometers by students is provided on Prof. Dr. M. Enders' homepage. Please notice the link to the Topspin NMR software solution, which is found on the latter website as well. Licences for Topspin are available free of charge for chemistry students at Heidelberg University.

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